Equipment Financing

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Equipment Financing

Equipment is one key to any small business’s success. Whether you rely on CNC machining tools, laptops, cranes, dough proofing cabinets or other equipment, smart financing solutions can help you get what you need. Gipson Commercial Solutions offers powerful equipment financing products to small firms in virtually any industry.

Equipment Leasing and Loan Programs

Time is of the essence with any small business. That’s why we offer equipment leases and loans with fast approvals – 24 hours for standard applications and three to five days for large-ticket items and middle market companies. Companies in business for two years or more may qualify for our best leases and loans, which come with excellent benefits:

  • Terms of up to 84 months
  • A wide range of payment structures
  • Minimal or no down payment

We do not require a financial statement for applications up to $150,000. We can also provide middle market financing up to $500,000, with more available on large-ticket items. Ask our commercial finance specialists for more details.

Options for Startups, Government Agencies and More

Even if you’re not a traditional small business, Gipson Commercial Solutions has robust financing products that meet your needs. Our guaranteed-approval lease financing helps entities such as public schools, libraries, emergency response departments, government agencies and military groups get essential equipment. Businesses operating for less than two years may qualify for our startup financing. Companies with less-than-optimal credit can obtain equipment under our B, C or D credit programs.

Our sale-leaseback programs are another useful way to get equipment for your enterprise. We purchase the tools you need on your behalf, then lease them back to you for a specified period. Once your lease is up and you’ve made all payments, you can assume ownership.

Talk to Our Specialists Now

Gipson Commercial Solutions has a large range of commercial finance products – equipment financing, real estate loans, SBA loans and many more. To apply for funding or get your questions answered, contact our certified financial specialists.