Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing for Your Small Business

Keeping your suppliers paid is always a priority. After all, you must maintain strong partnerships with them to deliver goods and services. With Gipson Commercial Solutions’s purchase order financing, your orders keep shipping so you can provide the value you’ve promised to your customers.

A Quick Overview of Purchase Order Loans

With most financing tools, you receive your funds directly and then purchase or pay for whatever you need. But purchase order loans work a bit differently. We send the funds right to your supplier, which releases your orders for shipment. You invoice your customers as you usually do, but they send their payments to us. After we deduct our fees, we send you the remaining balance. Purchase order loans are simple and convenient, offering several awesome benefits:

  • No additional bank debt or negative equity impacts
  • Ability to deliver customer orders on time
  • Potential for market share expansion
  • More resources to fill large and unanticipated orders

As their name implies, PO loans are based on purchase orders for presold merchandise or finished goods. Producers, wholesalers, resellers and distributors can qualify for financing.

Apply for Financing Today

Gipson Commercial Solutions’s purchase order financing helps keep your company’s production, sales and operations on track. Whether your business does domestic production, importing or exporting, PO loans can provide the money it needs. Contact our commercial finance consultants to apply or get your questions answered.