Popular Commercial Real Estate Loans 

Popular Commercial Real Estate Loans 

Investors buy commercial real estate for the benefits of potential significant income, tax deductions, and value appreciation. Commercial properties are typically purchased using a commercial real estate loan. 

What Are the Types of Commercial Properties 

There are a variety of commercial real estate properties. A commercial real estate loan can be used to purchase or renovate any of these: 



Industrial, including heavy manufacturing, light assembly, and warehouse spaces

Retail, including an individual retail store location, strip shopping center, and a regional mall



Special purpose, including bowling alleys, parking structures, theaters, zoos, and more

Popular Commercial Real Estate Loan Types 

Here are some of the most popular commercial real estate loan types: 

SBA loans. The SBA offers two programs that can be used for commercial real estate financing purposes. The types are an SBA 7(a) loan and an SBA 504 loan. An SBA 7(a) loan is offered by a partnered commercial lender that will provide most or all the funding you may need. Also, the loan is backed by the SBA. An SBA 504 loan is made available through Certified Development Companies combined with private lenders that promote economic development in their local communities. 

Permanent commercial loans are essentially the first mortgage on a commercial property financed through most commercial lenders. 

Hard money loans are loans that are issued by private companies or lenders, based on the value of the property. 

Bridge loans are offered as a short-term option by lenders to provide funds while a property is being improved, refinanced, or leased. 

Blanket loans are used when purchasing multiple properties. 

How to Get a Commercial Real Estate Loan 

Lenders will review your finances to ensure that you have the cash necessary to repay the loan. They will examine your credit and also scrutinize the property you are planning to buy. 

Seek Expert Financing Assistance 

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