Tips to Streamline Your Medical Billing Process

Tips to Streamline Your Medical Billing Process

The medical billing process is often frustrating. Trying to convert patient details to numbered claims can result in human errors. Also, once the claims are approved, the insurer will hardly pay you immediately. All these challenges encountered in healthcare financing can be a lot to deal with. But amidst all these challenges, here are some steps you can take to streamline the billing process.

Register The Patients and Verify Their Insurance

The first step to streamlining your medical billing process is collecting relevant patients’ information. Also, check their insurance company details and call the insurer to confirm the benefits. Something else to note is that some patients will lack insurance. Having a healthcare financing plan in place allows you to treat them and still receive money on time.

Record Patients’ Notes and Send Them to The Billing Team

You will have to take patients’ notes such as their diagnoses, prescriptions, treatments, and any other services you provide. Ideally, this data should be stored electronically. You can then send that information to the billing team, whether in-house or outsourced.

Convert Medical Script to Health Care Code Sets

ICD and CPT codes are used in healthcare billing. These are the codes insurers use to determine if they will reimburse for a service depending on a patient’s health plan.

Add Charge to Your Medical Claims

Alongside the codes sent to the insurer, you also need to send what your charges are since medical fees are not the same everywhere.

Scrub and File Your claims

Seeing how long the process is and it involves numbers and codes, mistakes can be made. Claim scrubbers ensure there are no errors before you can file claims.

Pursue Payment

Once your claim is approved, you will have to pursue that reimbursement. Also, keep an eye on payments that take too long and follow up on them to avoid any inconveniences.

As seen above, pursuing your claim can be a long process. But with healthcare financing, you can meet the demands of your practice as you wait for the insurance company to reimburse you. To avoid all these hassles, reach out to Gipson Commercial Solutions. We can assist you with the funding you need to keep your practice running.