Why More Businesses are Going Green

Why More Businesses are Going Green

For business owners that are investing their resources in finding the most efficient ways to be environmentally friendly, the term “going green” is more than just a trend. These businesses recognize the importance of creating an eco-friendly environment and adopting eco-friendly policies. They organize committees comprised of employees focused on initiatives including recycling, conserving energy by turning off lights/equipment when not in use, and taking public transportation to bolster their efforts.

Below, we will take a closer look at some of the reasons more businesses are going green.

5 Reasons Companies Opt to Go Green

Reduction in company costs
Recruit/retain eco-conscious employees
Tax Incentives
Gain access to grants/loans

Below, we’ll take a closer look at each of these:

Reduction in Company Costs

While it’s true that going green does require some up-front costs. Ultimately you will see savings in our water, electric, and gas bills. By investing in energy-efficient equipment/supplies, such as computers, printers, and light bulbs, you will keep down your general operating costs overall.

Recruit/Retain Eco-Conscious Employees

Employees are also going green. It is the employees that usually initiate these conversations with their employers. Companies often go green to keep their current employees motivated and also to attract new talent that supports those efforts.

Tax Incentives

Another reason companies are going green is for the tax incentives. Business owners are given tax incentives for doing renovations to reduce heating, cooling, and lighting costs, as well as improving old HVAC and water heating systems.


Customers take notice when a company is going green. This leaves a lasting impression on current customers, potential customers, and even your vendors. Going green shows that you are interested in more than making a profit. You are interested in protecting the community you are serving.

Gain Access to Grants/Loans

In some cases, a business is interested in going green because it means they can apply for funding to further their business. Programs through the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development and the US Department of Energy provide this type of financial assistance.


Going green is a great step for business owners to take if they want to make a difference in their communities. If you need some help learning more about going green, look to Gipson Commercial Solutions. We can help you understand the importance of adopting these policies and help you get a step closer to going green.